Why Us?


We want you to choose our guides if you see the value in investing in your health. We know that we’re different, and here’s why.

🌿 Our approach focuses on self-advocacy, asking questions, seeking answers, and being an expert on your body and your health. The guides are not just something that you read but something that you do and practice. They teach you how to be proactive, prompt you to self-reflect, and guide you through the changes that will work for you. 

🌿 Our approach is not DIY: it’s an intentional, patient-led care approach that allows you to be the leader of your healing journey, while working alongside your doctor and other health professionals. 

🌿 Our approach does not focus on achieving weight loss. Our guides utilize a whole body and lifestyle approach, which includes crucial information about sleep, sexual health, stress, and toxins.

🌿 Our approach begins with consulting experts in hormonal and reproductive health, nutrition, and much more. Each of our guides were co-written, peer reviewed, and endorsed by medical doctors. 

We are proud of what we’re created, and we sincerely hope that you will find it useful for your hormonal healing.