We live in a world... 


Where it’s considered perfectly normal to experience pain, discomfort, and embarrassment from periods and hormonal imbalances. 

That does not value or respect the unique needs of hormonal, menstrual, and reproductive health, including periods, pregnancy, caregiving, and childcare. 

Where people grieve and walk the paths of pregnancy loss and fertility issues in silence and secrecy. 

That is designed and optimized for the needs and comfort of cisgender* men before women and people with cycles, and other marginalized groups.


We believe in a world...


🌎 Where hormonal, menstrual, and reproductive health issues don’t hold anyone back.

🌎 Where the power of the menstrual cycle is both understood and celebrated. 

🌎 Where periods, fertility issues, pregnancy loss, and the variety of pathways to parenthood are free from shame and stigma. 

🌎 Where women and people with cycles support and uplift each other to increase their impact on and contributions to communities around the world. 

At She Syncs, our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the tools and information they need to heal naturally through diet, lifestyle, working with a medical doctor, and advocating for their health. We can, and should, acknowledge and validate both our experiences and our needs while working toward individual and collective healing, and striving for a world where no one is held back by hormonal health issues. Learn about why hormonal health is so important to us.

*A term used to describe a person whose gender identity matches their assigned sex at birth.