Thank you for watching my PCOS Reversal video! If you would like a copy of the PCOS Reversal Checklist PDF, please send me an email at 

... I received such great feedback (on the original version of the video) and numerous questions from women who were eager to know more. I realized it was time to share in more detail.  

I teamed up with a Functional Medicine expert in order to create two step-by-step guides, full of easy-to-understand facts and practical how-to information. 

That’s when the PCOS Expert and PCOS Lifestyle guides were born.  

These guides are for women who are proactive, prefer a more natural, holistic approach to healing and are looking to achieve optimal health.

If you have experienced PCOS symptoms such as the ones I described in my video – or even seemingly 'milder' symptoms such as fatigue, sugar cravings, low libido, foggy thinking...  

 ... these are for you.  

Perhaps you were put on the pill years ago to regulate symptoms, but want to finally get to the root of the PCOS issues. If you want to ditch the pill and get in tune with your natural cycle...  

... these are for you.  

Maybe you're interested in exploring your fertility. You may be wondering if you're able to have a baby, or how to go about it in the best way for you and your PCOS. You might not even want to get pregnant right now, but want to know that you can, when you want to. 
If so... these are for you.

In the guides, you'll learn how to: 

Stabilize your mood: No more mood swings. No more trying to mask feeling down in the dumps for no reason. Get back to being you – ditching the hormonal wreck that PCOS created.

Drastically increase your energy: Think of all the things you would do, if you could just muster up the energy... When your hormones are out of whack, even simple things seem insurmountable. You'll learn how to increase your energy to an all new level.

Regulate your cycle: Irregular periods can wreak havoc on your life. Not having any periods at all? These guides are for you, too. Eliminate the mystery of 'am I ovulating?' or 'can I ever get pregnant?' for once and for all.

Make informed decisions about your diet: By understanding and recognizing what foods and actions contribute to your PCOS, you'll be in a position of control. You'll learn which foods make you feel great and which foods make your PCOS symptoms worse.

Receive the support you so desperately need: If you've ever struggled to explain to friends or loved ones what PCOS is, you're not alone. You'll learn how to communicate with others about your PCOS, in a way that they can understand. Once you family and friends finally 'get it', they will be a lot more supportive. 

Plus lots more.   

Are you ready to make positive changes and find out how to reverse PCOS naturally?  

Learn everything you need to know and do to reverse your PCOS, with the PCOS Expert and PCOS Lifestyle guides. 

Get started now. Your body will love you for it.

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Learn how you can reverse your PCOS, naturally.