We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee because we’re so confident that our guides will work for you! 


From your date of purchase, you have 90 days to contact us to be eligible for a hassle-free refund. If more than 90 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we are not able to offer you a refund. We appreciate your understanding.   

We encourage you to take time to read and digest the content of the guides, and start implementing suggestions before requesting a refund. Don’t forget that achieving a regular cycle and pain-free period typically occurs three to six months (or longer) after working with a doctor, and being consistent with dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you’ve noticed some positive changes in your first 90 days but haven’t had the “big” results you were hoping for, we encourage you to stick with it and be patient, because we really are confident that your hard work will pay off.    

If you would like to request a refund, we kindly ask that you answer a few simple questions for us. Your answers to these questions help us improve what we offer and help us understand where we might have fallen short of your expectations. 


Please be aware that we do not grant refunds in the following situations:


1. If you thought the guides were physical books and only wanted a physical copy.

We make every attempt to depict our guides as digital, including when you place an order and on the FAQ page. We incur expenses from every digital purchase made by our customers, and therefore do not grant refunds to those who were unclear about the digital delivery of the guides. 

2. If you found out that you do not have PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, or period problems.

This is great news! We’re still confident that our guides will help you, regardless of your specific diagnosis (or lack thereof). They are full of information and suggestions that will help you balance your hormones, embrace a holistic diet and lifestyle changes, and feel the best you can! Therefore, we do not grant refunds to those who no longer have a diagnosis.  


In order to receive a full refund:


Please email us at support@shesyncs.com and answer the following questions. Please note that we require all of the following questions to be answered in order to process your refund. 

1. Why are you requesting a refund? 

2. Did you read all of the guides in their entirety? If not, which ones did you read?

3. Have you been working with a health professional? If yes, what type of health professional(s) (e.g., general practitioner, functional medicine doctor, dietitian) have you been working with, and what has your experience been?

4. When did you start making lifestyle changes? Please list some changes you have made and how you have felt. 

5. Do you have any thoughts on how the guides could be improved?

6. Is there any other feedback you would like to share with us?  

We aim to process refund requests within seven business days. Upon approval of your refund request, your credit card or original method of payment will be refunded within 10 business days.