If you’ve watched the video, you now know that our goal is to help as many women who are struggling with symptoms, like yourself. 

So, here’s where we need your help: 

Would you be willing to share what you learned from the guides and any lifestyle changes you’ve started to make as a result, so other women might be inspired by what’s possible? 

If you share your story, we’d like to offer you a full refund of your order, as a way to say thank you for your time. 

Just make sure you follow these guidelines, in order to qualify for the full refund:

Step 1. Film a 30-60 second video -- filmed horizontally, facing a window for the best light. Don’t worry if the video is over 60 seconds, that’s ok too! 

Please include the following: 

a. The top things you’ve learned from the guides -- These are the parts that made you go “wow, I wish I knew this a long time ago!”

b. The lifestyle changes you’re most excited to implement -- If you’ve already started making changes and having results we’d love to hear that also!

c. Your recommendation -- Would you recommend other women read the She Syncs guides? 

Step 2. Email us at support@shesyncs.com with the file attached.

Thanks in advance for sharing your story and helping other women discover how they can heal naturally! 

❤️ Bailey 

Founder of She Syncs 

Please note: By sending us your video, you grant She Syncs the exclusive right to use the video for promotional purposes. She Syncs has the right to refuse any testimonial submissions that are deemed unusable for promotional campaigns.