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  • How you should exercise for hormone balance and what kind of exercise can mess you up

  • Why most women fail to make the lifestyle changes that lead to health and happiness

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Identify and reduce exposure to toxins and endocrine disruptors

Whether it’s chemicals, heavy metals, mold, or other environmental compounds, toxins are found pretty much everywhere we look and can be harmful to the body. Endocrine disruptors target your hormones and interfere with their production, release, transport, metabolism, and excretion. Learn how they mimic your natural hormones and cause imbalances.

Non-toxic living tips and tricks

Learn where you’re most likely being exposed to toxins and endocrine disruptors in everyday life, and how to avoid them and make the switch to non-toxic living. 

The power of sleep for your hormones, blood sugar, immune system, mood, and much more

Luckily, sleep is one of the easiest solutions for improved health, and also one of the most underrated forms of treatment. 

Techniques for your best night's sleep

Whether you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, find out what’s contributing and preventing you from getting your best sleep. Learn techniques to create a bedtime routine and stick to it. 

Stress is much more than just worry or fear – learn what stressors are and how to identify them

Your body can experience stress from things you probably never thought possible. Learn how to identify emotional, physical, biological, chemical, and nutritional stressors, and how you can manage and reduce your stress levels.  

Stress relieving techniques

Learn about techniques you can do a few times a day. As they become part of your routine, you’ll be able to see and feel a difference in the way your body responds in different situations. Learn about practicing mindfulness, deep diaphragmatic breathing, neuro-linguistic programming for stress relief, and more.

Exercise - you either love it or you hate it, but learn why it doesn’t have to be a chore

Moving is an integral part of well-being, and although movement and exercise is often associated with the gym, you can certainly find fun, effective activity in other places. 

Body acceptance and PCOS

No matter your size, whatever your goal, the most important thing is that you are accepting of your body now and throughout your health journey. If you do choose to pursue weight loss or gain, for the sake of balancing hormones and reversing PCOS, learn how weight can be a contributor to health issues, but that it does not determine your status of health, nor should it determine your self-worth in any way.

Why disordered eating patterns are especially a concern for women diagnosed with PCOS

Depression related to hormone changes or B vitamin depletions can exacerbate already present body image and confidence issues. But it’s not just nutrient depletions that contribute to the development of disordered eating patterns. Learn what else contributes to disordered eating and how to get help if you’re struggling with this.

How weight affects your hormonal balance, cycle, ovulation, and fertility

It is important to understand how weight can play a big part in hormone imbalance and a dysfunctional female reproductive system. Fat storage cells contain an enzyme called aromatase, which is an enzyme used to produce estrogen. Learn the ideal body fat range for fertility and what it means if you have high or low body fat. 

Dieting don'ts – all the reasons why you should pass on traditional dieting

Diets are often touted for helping to kickstart weight loss, but most people don’t talk about the downsides of dieting.

Dieting dos - learn how to eat

Knowing what to eat and how to eat are two very different things. Learning how to eat helps you form positive eating habits and confidence with food. When you combine that confidence with eating optimal foods, you’re more likely to achieve and maintain balance and better health. 

Be mindful of what you eat

Mindless eating tends to lead to poor food choices because you may not be aware of what you’re eating. It also leads to a disconnect between how your body feels when you eat certain foods. The goal of mindful eating is to slow down and enjoy your meal. Learn how to bring mindfulness to your meals – taste the flavors, feel the textures, and let your body enjoy the process of eating and nourishing itself. 

Discover the PCOS diet that will work best for you

Discover which foods should be enjoyed in abundance, foods to avoid, and foods you should eliminate completely. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create a meal plan of your own, tailored specifically to your body, life, schedule, preferences, and culture.

Manage your blood sugar and how this affects hormonal balance

Your body naturally wants to maintain equilibrium. When big changes are caused by external or internal events, the body perceives this as stress. This is the case when blood sugar is high for too long, or too frequently. Learn how to schedule meals and snacks for balanced blood sugar.

Manage mood swings by paying attention to your blood sugar

If you’re struggling with mood swings, the first place to start making changes is with your blood sugar management. Blood sugar highs trigger anxiety, hyperactivity, or manic moods, while blood sugar lows trigger dizziness, forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and outbursts. 

Have more orgasms, it is actually great for your health

Learn why they are so important and how they benefit hormonal balance.

Find your inner sex goddess

Feel sexier, make time for pleasure, and learn tips and tricks to get to know your body and what you like. 

Make a change.

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