Find Out Exactly What I Did to Reverse My Embarrassing PCOS Symptoms and Finally Boost My Fertility!

Hi there! 

My name is Bailey Haddad and my fiancé and I enjoy a great life together. We've traveled all over the world including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia.

But my life wasn't always this fun or glamorous. 

In fact, PCOS ruined my life for 13 years… 

When I was 15 I started having really, really painful irregular periods that would make me to leave school or work and I would end up in bed for 6-12 hours... and it wasn't something that I could plan for because I had no idea when they were coming.

Another symptom that was really frustrating and embarrassing was unwanted facial hair. I literally had a mustache and a little beard. The hair was so long that I would try to trim it and eventually I did laser hair removal.

In my early twenties I got really painful cystic acne — and I picked at it so much that I ended up with scabs, sores, and scars. I would spend hours in front of the mirror trying to hide it with different concealers and powders. At one point it got so bad that I wouldn't even leave my bedroom without a full face of makeup.  

I also suffered with massive mood swings. I really wasn't reliable and I think that's one of the things about PCOS that's not talked about as often. I didn't feel like I was a good friend. I'd make plans and I never knew what kind of mood I would be in or if I would have enough energy. It was really, really tough. 

In my late twenties, I had a surprise pregnancy that ended in a very painful miscarriage. I knew that miscarriages were emotionally painful, but I had no idea they could be so physically painful as well. I had the most pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I was on the ground with insane contractions for hours, while simultaneously grieving a loss. It was a feeling I'd never had before, and believe me, I’ll do anything to avoid experiencing it again.

The worst part about all of this, was my lack of confidence and insecurities. I spent over a decade of my life wondering what was wrong with me and feeling bad about myself. I didn’t know why I was struggling so much or what to do about it. 

After years of struggle I was able to reverse my PCOS symptoms and even boost my fertility!

It took countless hours of research and study — but eventually I discovered the root causes of PCOS that none of my doctors ever told me about.

Using all that research I then put together a lifestyle plan that I knew would put my hormones back in balance. 

After sticking to my daily plan for just 4 months my period became regular – for the first time in 13 years! 

My mood improved and I felt way more energized. I realized that it was possible to achieve my health goals and actually enjoy the process. 

And now I'd like to help you do the same!

Now I want to help you overcome PCOS the easy way by sharing what I had to learn the hard way!

I N T R O D U C I N G . . . 



Exactly what you need to KNOW

  • The life-changing facts about your menstrual cycle that your mom never told you (because she doesn't know either!)

  • A crash course on hormones and how erratic hormones affect your weight, mood, skin, menstrual cycles, energy levels, fertility... and more

  • Discover the 6 root causes of PCOS that go unnoticed by most doctors

  • Why hormonal birth control could actually be wreaking havoc on your hormones... and non-hormonal alternatives

  • The most accurate method for cycle tracking and how to know when you’re synced up for greater pleasure and increased intimacy

  • The ideal weight range for fertility and why having too much fat (or not enough) can throw off your hormones

  • Why the basic lab tests most doctors order aren't enough and why "normal" results can leave you feeling terrible 

  • The six most important lab tests you need now if you want to get pregnant soon 

  • How to find the right doctor and get the most out of your doctor appointments

  • Learn how to explain PCOS to your friends and family


Exactly what you need to DO

  • The #1 thing every woman must have in place if she wants to beat ugly PCOS symptoms

  • Which personal care products contain estrogen disruptors that can throw your hormones off 

  • My morning routine that banishes stress and my evening routine that welcomes rejuvenating sleep

  • How you should exercise for hormone balance and what kind of exercise can mess you up 

  • What to do if you hate to exercise (this used to be me!!)

  • How to know if a food is good for hormone balance... or if you should avoid it altogether

  • Learn the PCOS-friendly diet that can be tailored to your body, schedule, preferences, and culture

  • Why most women with PCOS also have some sort of disordered eating pattern

  • The #1 way to reduce PCOS-induced mood swings

  • Discover your inner sex goddess and learn how to use orgasms as medicine (really!!)

  • Why most women fail to make the lifestyle changes that lead to health and happiness

Get the Info You Need to Heal ASAP!

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I'll also include these bonuses...

Blood test results explained – 

optimal ranges and what they mean 

PCOS is a complex problem and so you'll need lots of tests...more than most doctors recommend. This guide reveals all the tests you'll need, the purpose of each test, optimal ranges, and what high and low levels are telling you about your health.

Health and medical terms to know – 

explained in an easy-to-understand way 

This glossary will help you understand the medical vocabulary and concepts used throughout the guides. It will also help you have more productive conversations with your doctor because you'll show up more knowledgeable about your condition.

The top 20 supplements and herbs 

to ask your healthcare practitioner about 

Get fully informed about supplements for PCOS. Learn each of their benefits and how they can combat specific PCOS symptoms. This guide can save you lots of money by preventing you from buying supplements you don't really need.

Recommended reading, useful products 

and must-follow instagram accounts 

This resource kit consists of all the resources you need to continue your journey – books, products, and must-follow instagram accounts that will keep you educated and inspired.

Claim All Your Instant Bonuses!  

Imagine what life could be like 

if you could... 

Stabilize your moods

Increase your energy

Love how you look

Regulate your cycle

Be more productive

Enjoy life again

Rave Reviews for The Ultimate PCOS Reversal Bundle…

Both Bailey herself, as well as her Ultimate Bundle, have been a lifesaver for my two daughters. This has been the needed material for us, just being introduced to this new world of PCOS. It’s been the perfect springboard, as well as compassionate guide, for our family. Thank you, Bailey!  

- Steph M.

Feel so much more empowered with this knowledge but also the wisdom and careful instruction is so refreshing! 

- Holly B.

This is such a wealth of knowledge for women all in one place. Thank you, Bailey, for caring so much to make this affordable and having so much information available. 

- Sue B.

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Do You Have Any Questions For Me? 

When will I start seeing results?

Many women start to feel better within the first few weeks (sometimes even days!) of making lifestyle and dietary changes. Many women notice a significant improvement in their symptoms, such as stabilized moods, a regular cycle, increased energy, in the first 3-6 months! However, it’s important to remember that all women are unique and each individual’s journey is different.

What if I don’t want a baby now (or ever), should I still “boost my fertility”? 

If getting pregnant, now or in the future, is not your end goal, don’t worry. It’s important to understand that regular ovulation and boosted fertility are still desired outcomes for you, as they are key signs that your hormones are balanced. Regular cycles indicate good hormonal health and they are an important health goal, regardless of your family planning goals. So whatever the symptoms you’re struggling with – be it acne, weight gain, or excess hair growth – getting to the root of your issues, getting your ovulation back on track, and boosting your fertility are all key to regaining your hormonal balance.

I’m already on medication for my PCOS, will the guides still help me?  

If you have already used mainstream medical interventions or are considering them for the future, that’s ok! You can use the recommendations listed in the guides to augment your treatment. Or, you may find that you no longer need to use mainstream medicine as your hormones begin to balance. Ultimately, you are in control of your body and you get to choose what is best for it. With that said, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before removing or weaning off medications, or making any lifestyle changes – including those mentioned in the guides.

I haven't been officially diagnosed with PCOS but I have a lot of the symptoms.

Can I read the guides? 

Of course! The guides contain so much useful information that all women should know. Whether you're just starting to look into PCOS or you've just been diagnosed, the PCOS Expert guide breaks down how to find and work with the right doctor and the specific tests to request to get a clear picture of your hormonal and overall health. Plus, the lifestyle changes suggested in the guides help to balance hormones, regardless of whether PCOS or not. 

How will the guides be delivered to me? 

The guides are digital and are delivered as PDFs. After completing the checkout process, you will have to option to download your guides. You will also receive an email from us with instructions if you do not wish to download the guides at the time you make the purchase. The can be opened on your computer or your phone/tablet and read in various apps such as Kindle, Adobe Acrobat, Apple Books, or PDFelement.

Is there a money-back guarantee? How does it work?

Yes, we truly want to make a difference in your health and life. If you are not satisfied with your guides, within 90 days, we offer a full refund! It is highly recommended to read ourrefund policy before purchasing. Those who do not follow the refund policy will not be eligible for a refund. Once your refund is approved, it will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 10 business days.

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Follow my suggestions for 90 days -- 

and if you don’t feel drastically better 

--  if you don’t love the new way you look and feel…  

Contact us within 90 days of purchase 

 and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

It is highly recommended to read our refund policy before purchasing. 

 Those who do not follow the refund policy will not be eligible for a refund.

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Don't Let Your 

Debilitating PCOS Symptoms 

 Steal the Best Years of Your Life!

I've spent so much time finding all the answers you need and compiling them into these 2 super easy-to-use guides.

All you have to do now is study the material and then put it into action in your life.

In just a few short months you could be living the good life — PCOS free — just like all the other women who've successfully used my plan to feel great again. 

Remember, when you feel great, it infuses your entire life with happiness and joy. You accomplish more, you get more of what you want, and everyone around you is happier because they feel your joy. Don't let PCOS slow you down and rob you of your best years! 

Get the help you need now inside the pages of THE ULTIMATE PCOS REVERSAL BUNDLE. 

To Your Health and Happiness, 

Bailey Haddad

Bailey Haddad

P.S. Still not totally convinced? Just give THE ULTIMATE PCOS REVERSAL BUNDLE a try for 30 days and if you don't see your PCOS symptoms begin to disappear... I'll give you your money back. You've really got nothing to lose — except those nasty PCOS symptoms you hate! 

P.P.S My fiancé and I are looking forward to our next trip home to Texas in December for Christmas! There's no way I could've kept up with him if I was still struggling with low-energy from PCOS. In fact, I never would have had the confidence to start dating and find a wonderful man like him if I was still suffering with painful acne and unwanted hair growth. DO NOT LET PCOS ROB YOU OF THE JOY THAT IS MEANT TO BE YOURS... Let me help you!

Reverse Your PCOS Risk-Free!